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There are times when you most vividly realize that time keeps moving forward and that you cannot ever get time back.  You can never go back and capture your baby or child at an earlier age.  You can never get back time with loved ones. You can never go back and document special events.  Even everyday life changes as time marches forward.  It is important to take the time, and make the effort, to get photos of these important life images so that they exist somewhere other than just memories in your mind.  Something for children to see their life from before they could remember, and all the times of their lifelong journey.  Ways to share the legacy of past generations.  Make sure your children have proof that they existed as a child (photographer Sarah Petty says she “didn’t exist” as a child and helped inspire her to be a photographer).

And in this digital age, go beyond photos that live only on your phone or computer….print photos!  Put them in frames, create albums, make prints for people to hold and share, display as artwork on your walls.  I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for photos and portraits of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents….from baby photos to 50th anniversary portraits. Not only do they bring joy to you and your loved ones now, as well as in years to come, but they also become treasures for generations.

How impactful is it for children to see photos of themselves and their family prominently displayed in their home?

As a photographer, I will help you document those fleeting moments in time, and work directly with you to select images, and create artwork to enjoy and share.


So excited to finally launch my blog and updated website! In looking for a solution that would keep expenses down, I was given a recommendation by fellow photographer, and Facebook group member, Kandi Anderson….so a big “thank you” to Kandi!  It’s always a challenge to learn new software and technology, but I try to do as much myself as possible instead of hiring someone else to do it.  Not sure if it is the “geek” in me or stubborness to conquer the challenge….but it feels good when it finally comes together.   I still have quite a bit of work to do on the site, so I will be busy adding to it.

I’ve loved taking pictures and capturing memories for as long as I remember.  My grandparents had a camera and hobby shop when I was young…who knew one day I’d have my own photography business.  I adore looking at all the old pictures from my grandparents’ and parents’ lives, I’ve documented my daughter’s life and our family get-togethers, and I long to revisit sites such as the Grand Canyon to photograph them again with the knowledge and equipment I didn’t have back then.

Time stands still for no one, and children change by the day, so our only option for freezing time is through photographs….make sure you get beautiful photos that you will treasure and remind you forever of those “moments in time.”

I hope you will enjoy following my adventures in photography.  See you soon!


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